[foo] = bug number "foo" (see http://bugzilla.xmlschemata.org) The current release is 0.2.0. 0.2.0: - [1] Cleaner syntax enabling fallback for non xvif RNG processors - [3] First (very partial) implementation of W3C XML Schema datatypes - Mechanism to plug external type libraries - Mechanism to plug external transform/valid libraries - Lots of refactoring... - Many bug fixes - Updated tryMe.cgi and the test case stylesheet to enable browsing the test cases and link between tryMe.cgi and the test cases. 0.1.3: - Additional tests in the spec and book suites. - [22] Lack of completion test for groups and interleave. 0.1.2: - Creation of a Relax NG test suite for the examples of my book. - [11] Packaging of the RNG test suite. - [20] Erroneous detection of forbiden recursion. 0.1.1: - [16] Creation of a test suite for Regular Fragmentations. - [17] Creation of XmlComp. - [18] Generation of useless namespace declaration (regfrag). - [19] Generation of useless xmlns="" (regfrag) 0.1.0: Initial creation